Processing Membership Applications

When someone submits an application, it will appear in the Applications page for the appropriate people to review and process. That page should be located at: This page should be located in the Board section of the site, unless you've moved it. By default, only board members can access this page, for view-only access. You can change that if you need other groups in your organization to be able to review applications, by changing the permissions for that page. By default, only the User Manager can edit the applications.

All applications currently in the system appear on the page. There are filters at the top of the page to narrow down the list. To vew the details of any applicatioin, click on the View link in the right hand column.

All of the details of the application appear on the view page. Application Managers can add notes if needed. No information in the application can be edited, only viewed.

The applicant can edit their application until the Application Manager changes the status of the application to In Review. Place an application In Review when you know that it's complete, and all other steps your club requires have been competed as well. (Dues payment, sponsor letters, minimum number of meetings attended, etc.) Putting the applications In Review means the applicant can't change it, and whoever needs to review it can now do so.

Your club should continue with whatever voting or approval processes you have in place. Once you've voted on an application, you return to Clubistry to finalize the applications. If an application is declined, the Application Manager clicks that button. If the application is approved, click the approve button. This moves the applicant's information into the User list and sets their roles. They will receive an email letting them know they've been accepted, and how to set a password on the website.