New Club Setup

Thank you for choosing Clubistry for your club's website and member management! You can work through each of these steps to set up what your club needs. 

  1. Site Settings -- set the custom colors, upload your club logo, and other settings for your new site.
  2. Set up Membership Types -- this lays the groundwork for dues & renewals, applications, and any content restriction you'll need on the public website. 
  3. Set up Applications -- online applications make it easier for people to join your club, and the online application review and processing simplifies the approval process. 
  4. Add Content and Pages to your site -- create whatever pages your club needs, add your news items and events.
  5. Import Member Data -- set up all your members in the system so they'll have access to their accounts on the website.
  6. Take the Site Live -- once you're ready, we can help you take the site live on your existing domain.