Dues and Renewals


Dues are set on the Membership Type level. To manage Membership Types, navigate to Members-> Membership Types. Click to edit an existing Membership Type, or click the Create Membership Type button. 

Within the Pricing section for Membership Type, set the dues amount, any processing of convenience fee when paid online, and any late fee applicable if paid during a grace period.


A Renewal is a record in the system that a member is up for renewal, and needs to pay dues. If you have your Membership Types set up, and all members are assigned to a Membership Type, then the system will generate Renewals at the appropriate times. Dues payments can't be processed until there is a renewal for a member. 

You can get an overview of all membership renewals by navigating to Members-> Membership Renewals. If your setup is new, and you haven't hit any renewals yet, then this list will be empty.

The Clubistry system will check each day and set any new renewals that are needed. In the Membership Renewals view, you'll see that each renewal has 4 possible statuses, which have to do with the state of their dues payment for their most recent renewal period. 

  • Paid: Member has paid their dues. This status will remain in place until the next renewal period begins.
  • Unpaid: Renewal period has begun, and member has not yet paid dues.
  • Late: The renewal period is over, but there is a grace period that is in process. Member is late paying their dues, and any late fees apply.
  • Delinquent: We've reached the end of the renewal period and any grace period. Member has not paid dues. 

When the system updates the renewal records, it also updates the member record. There are 4 membership statuses that coincide with the 4 renewal statuses. 

  1. Active (Renewal is Paid)
  2. Unpaid (Renewal is Unpaid)
  3. Late (Renewal is Late)
  4. Lapsed (Renewal is Delinquent)

When a member is Lapsed, they are considered to be no longer a member of the club. They can still log into the website, and access the Member Dashboard, and their own Profile. They will not be able to access any other pages that are restricted to members-only. Unpaid or Late status does not restrict access in any way. 

When a member logs in, there will be a message on the Member Dashboard based on their Renewal status. These messages can be edited in the Membership Type records. In addition to the information about the amount due, and what membership type the member has, you might include instructions about how to pay, a link to a payment page online, or information about what a Lapsed member should do if they want to reinstate their membership. 

Manual Renewal

You can set up a manual renewal if a member's renewal isn't in the system automatically for some reason. 

Dues Payment

To manually process a dues payment for a member, navigate to Members-> Membership, and click to view details (not edit) on the member by clicking on the View icon. You should see sections on the page for Membership Renewals, and Transactions, that allow you to reivew what's in place for this member. At the top right corner of the page, click on the ellipses button [ellipse] in the top right corner, and select Register Payment.

In the payment popup, you'll set the payment type, amount, and any notes you want to add, then save. This will update the Renewal on the membership to Paid, and the Membership Status of the member to Active.