Clubistry Articles

What types of membership should a club have?


One of the most important aspects of your club are the different types of memberships you can offer to members. Being such an important factor, we created this guide to help you navigate all the different options out there so you can make an informed decision that benefits your club the most.

What type of customer support you need in club management software?


If your club management system doesn’t provide adequate customer support, then you are going to have problems really soon because it’s guaranteed that at some point you’ll need support or help with some functionality of your system. In this article we’ll show you several things your club management system should be providing to help ensure your club’s success.

How to use testimonials to grow your club


Testimonials can be a great tool to attract new members and encourage current members to get more involved with your club. After all, a fellow member's recommendation for becoming a member of your club or participating in an activity is far more compelling than somebody else like you or a board member asking someone to join. 

Hosting virtual board meetings in 2024. How to do it right?


Do you get overwhelmed when trying to figure out how to host a virtual board meeting via Zoom? I know I do. And trust me, board members feel the same way. Here are several effective tips to help you hold efficient virtual board meetings.

How can technology boost your club's members engagement and retention?


When you have the right technology in place, you can improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and streamline your membership management operations. Today we are showing you how you can help your board of directors see the value of investing in club management software like Clubistry.

4 Reasons to Move your Club from a Spreadsheet to Clubistry


Is your club still using spreadsheets to manage its members? It’s normal for smaller organizations to start out using spreadsheets to track new memberships, renewal or join dates, membership types, etc. But spreadsheets can only take you so far. As your club grows and evolves, you need member management tools that can keep up.

Club Spotlight: Scent Work Club of San Diego Embraces Easy Club Management with Clubistry


We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on the Scent Work Club of San Diego, one of the first clubs to join the Clubistry community. As a pioneer in scent work training and events, the Scent Work Club of San Diego is dedicated to fostering a vibrant community of dog enthusiasts and providing classes, workshops, seminars, matches, trials, and other activities for both canine companions and their human handlers.

Effortless Club Management: Automate Tasks with Online Tools


Managing a club can be challenging. All the administrative tasks and requirements tend to wear you down. And sometimes, because the club doesn’t always generate massive revenue, advanced tools, and manpower are often not in the budget. 

How Club Management Software (Clubistry) Can Enhance Member Experience


How does club management software translate into a more enriching member experience? Learn how Clubistry can unlock your club's potential and elevate your members' experience to new heights.

Top 3 Features Every Club Management Software Should Have


Today, more than ever, clubs of all sizes and types are turning to club management software like Clubistry to streamline operations, automate processes, and boost member engagement. Learn why in this article!

How to receive payments for memberships, dues and renewals in a club?


Managing a club in our current times involves various aspects, including managing content, organizing events, coordinating activities, and most importantly, managing membership dues. Join us as we navigate through the landscape of membership payments, offering insights, tips, and best practices to help clubs optimize their payment processes and enhance the overall membership experience.

What is The Best Way to Manage Documents in a Club?


Managing documents for a club or organization can be a challenging task, especially as the group grows in size and activities become more complex. From meeting minutes to event plans, membership records to financial documents, there's a plethora of paperwork to keep track of. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Your Clubistry Website
Part One: The Basics


Optimizing any website for search engines can be a big task, and one that shifts continuously as the major search engines adjust what they’re looking for, and why. But the basics are pretty easy to handle as you build out a website. Clubistry wants to help club website administrators understand some key details in your site that play a crucial role in ranking well.

Clubistry’s Club Membership Renewal Workflow Makes Administration So Much Better


Today you woke up and realized that your club’s membership dues deadline is coming up, and your stomach is full of butterflies.  As much as you love your club, you dread membership renewal season.  Everyone is relying on you to keep the club’s roster updated. If any of this sounds familiar, read on.  Clubistry has developed a club membership renewal system that minimizes stress and “hands-on” time and keeps you from having to wrangle your members for endless weeks during the renewal period.

Why Membership Renewal Automation is so Important


There are some tasks that every club has to juggle, and one of the biggest challenges lies in handling the list of active members and processing membership renewal. There are lots of steps involved, and it can take a tremendous amount of time for you and your other volunteers to communicate out and track every individual member through the process.  Clubistry can help you automate your membership renewal process, saving yourself time and energy, and reducing errors along the way.  Give your members the tools they need to manage their own renewal online with Clubistry’s self-service membership portal, improving retention and keeping your roster up to date. 

Developing a Software Solution for Club Membership Renewal Automation: Our Approach


In the diverse landscape of clubs, each one is as unique as its members. As software developers on a mission to streamline club management and make managing clubs more fun, we were faced with the challenge of creating a tool that caters to the specific needs of various clubs. We asked, "How do we make it work for the most clubs possible?" The answer lay in a flexible and configurable system designed to tackle the intricate process of membership renewal.

Managing Club Website Content: What Public and Private Content Should Be Included?


Clubs sometimes struggle not only with what content should go on their website, but which content should be available to the public, and which should be kept behind the login wall for members only. The answer to that question generally depends on what your club’s goals are with your website, as well what type of club the site is for. 

Protect your Club’s Data and Website


As a club administrator have any of the following happened to you? A critical member volunteer leaves the club. A board member with control of important documents and data passes away. The person hired to build and maintain the club’s website stops responding. The club’s web hosting is terminated due to an expired credit card that no one on the board was aware of.

Make Joining Easy with Online Applications


Let’s be honest—clubs can have complicated processes for admitting new members, and no two clubs do it the same. This makes it challenging to allow prospective members to apply for membership to your club online. It makes it doubly hard to find an online system that can encompass the whole process. At Clubistry the only thing we like more than a good challenge is convenience, so we’ve designed a flexible online application system that will streamline your club’s application process.

Is Your Club's Membership Roster in a Spreadsheet?


A club is nothing without its members, right? So why have we heard of so many clubs maintaining their roster in a spreadsheet? Sure it’s software that is readily available on any computer, but it has many drawbacks. Chief among them is data integrity.

Why did we build Clubistry?


Why did the team at Dialogs decide to build Clubistry, an easy-to-use club management platform?  It comes from our “why,” to help people to solve their problems using great tools. We’re always on the lookout for interesting problems in need of a solution. Clubistry is the result of the quest for finding such a solution for problems that one member of our team was seeing in the dog club world—and we discovered so many clubs struggled with these same issues!