Is Your Club's Membership Roster in a Spreadsheet?


Clubistry - Manage members, not spreadsheets.

A club is nothing without its members, right? So why have we heard of so many clubs maintaining their roster in a spreadsheet? Sure it’s software that is readily available on any computer, but it has many drawbacks. Chief among them is data integrity.

It is far too easy to mess up a spreadsheet by sorting incorrectly or moving data around accidentally. If more than one copy of the spreadsheet exists they will inevitably diverge and you won’t know which one is correct. When a member needs their information updated it’s up to the person in control of the spreadsheet to make those changes manually, inviting errors.

Clubistry has a better way. We maintain your club’s roster in one place, a single source of truth. And since your website is also hosted through Clubistry, members can update their own information at their convenience.

Administrators can pull an up-to-date roster at anytime and our admin tools make it easy to filter down your roster based on any info you’ve collected. Finding members whose memberships are about to lapse, or who are located in a specific state or region is quick and painless.

Do you have members who are not technically savvy? No problem, the assigned administrator from your club can still manage member data themselves when needed.

When your Board or Committee positions change, it's easy to change who has the ability to manage your club’s roster. No down-time waiting for the roster spreadsheet to be sent from one user to another and no risk that your club’s roster is lost if someone wins the lottery and moves off to live in the Caribbean!

Check out Clubistry today to see what it can do for your club! We are currently accepting clubs into our closed beta program. Participating clubs get FREE access during the beta period, and your feedback will help make Clubistry the most effective club management solution available…plus you’ll receive significant discounts on subscription fees at launch time!

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