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General Features

Easy-to-use Interface

Features focused on making your primary tasks as easy as possible

Club Admin Community Access

Access the Club Admin & Leader Community, and join other club admins on the journey to have fun running your club.

Custom Domain Name

Free for Silver Level Subscriptions
Bring your own domain (e.g.,

Membership Management

Membership Types

Set up Membership Types to cover all your offered memberships. Your Membership Types can be monthly or annual, and renew on a calendar or anniversary basis. Set the dues and fees for each Membership Type, plus custom messaging for the member dashboard during renewal periods.

Online Membership Applications

Create online applications for each membership type your club offers. Applications can be reviewed by the appropriate people within your club, and processed/approved by an assigned Application Manager after your club's own review/voting process is completed. On approval, applicants are moved seamlessly and quickly into the member list.

Import Members

Your current membership can be quickly imported into the Clubistry system. No need to add each user individually.

Member Portal

Content intended for Members only can be placed behind the login, where the public can't access it. Safely provide the roster, special messages, and other sensitive information to only members. Members can also log in and update their own profile/contact information as needed.

Up To Date Membership Roster with Export

The membership roster is kept updated based on member profile data. Manual updating can still be done by the User Manager when needed. Admins can pull a Member Report any time to provide mailing lists or other reporting.

Dues & Renewals

Online Renewal Payments

Clubs can set up Stripe integration and accept dues payments through the club website. Members paying online are processed/renewed automatically.

Offline Renewals in the Online System

Offline renewals (members paying by check, paypal, or other means) can be processed within the Clubistry system, by an Admin or User Manager.

Lapsed Members

Members who do not make a dues payment can be lapsed automatically, or manually, depending on your club's preferences.

Roles & Permissions

System Roles

Clubistry comes with a number of system roles already in place — Admin, Content Manager, User Manager, Applications Manager, Member and Board. For administration, Roles are used to restrict access to various management tasks to only those who need it to perform those tasks.

Membership Type Roles

Each membership type will have an accompanying role. These can be used to allow restricted access to content when necessary.

Content Access Restriction

An area for Members Only is automatically added to each site, as is an area for Board Only access. If you need to restrict some content to only a specific group of people, simply create a new role, assign the people that role, and set the view permissions on the pages to that role.

Website Content Management

Build Website Pages

The most commonly needed pages will already be in place, but you can move them around, create additional pages your club needs, and turn any pages off at any time.


Create news stories for your website. Teasers can be displayed on any page, filtered by category if desired.

Events Listing

List upcoming events. Teasers can be shown on any page.
Event registration is not included at this time, only event listing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Easily set up FAQs in multiple categories for the site. One or more categories of FAQs can be added to any page.

Promo Blocks

Help drive traffic to content that's important to your club with promo blocks. Two styles available, and they can be placed on any page.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Quickly add the basic, but critical, SEO and social media elements to each page of your website, including page title, meta description, search engine friendly page address, and social media image. Clubistry also provides tips and suggestions for the best ways to curate your site content and help your site rank better with search engines. And coming soon, additional schema data will be incorporated into your websites to provide more SEO support.

Analytics Support

Whichever website analytics tools you want to use, Clubistry provides an easy to use method for adding the code snippets you need to your site, right in the global site settings.

Design & Layout

Templated Layouts

One of Clubistry's goals is to provide clubs the ability to have a good looking website without having to hire a professional website designer. We strive to offer you flexible design options for how your pages are set up, while making sure the Content Managers don't struggle with the design and layout.

Design Settings

Upload your own club logo. Set a primary and secondary color for use on the site. Coming soon, settings for fonts, heading styles, navigation styles, and more.

Content Blocks

Add one or more content sections to each page. You can go as simple as one content section where you enter the content with a text editor. Or you can build long landing pages with multiple sections on them, including any of the content block types — simple text content, hero images or videos, news or events teasers, FAQs, promo blocks, or custom HTML.


Clubistry Account Management

Site Owner(s) can log into the Clubistry website to manage the club's account. Multiple managers allowed...encouraged, even!

Admin Portal

Assigned Administrators can log into the Admin Portal to manage site settings, page content, media, members, and other content management.


Email Support

Get help from Clubistry staff via email

Phone Suport

Get help from Clubistry staff via phone during business hours (8a - 5p CT)

The roadmap to the future for Clubistry.

We're hard at work to bring you even more! These are some of the enhancements we're working on.

Membership Management

Downloadable Roster

Members will be able to download the member roster in CSV format, which can be opened in Excel or other spreadsheet applications. The downloadable roster will contain the same information as the online roster.

Custom Member Profile Fields

Admins will be able to add custom fields to the member profile records, to improve their usefulness for the club. Track whatever information your club needs to track. Additionally, an Admin will be able to indicate that a field in membership applications maps to a field in the member database.

Offline Applications in the Online System

Applications Managers will be able to take offline applications and set them up in the online application system. They'll manually enter the fields that map to the member profile, and then be able to upload a PDF of the offline application. This allows for offline applications to be processed alongside online applications, both during the review process and the approval process.

Attachments to Applications

Applications Managers can upload attachments (sponsor letters, etc) to applications in the system, so that any accompanying documentation needed by reviewers is available.

Committees, Programs & Groups

See who is serving on committees, or which members are participating in special programs (like education or mentoring programs, where members volunteer to be available to the public). Promote programs and committees to the membership, and allow special content access for participants using Roles/Permissions.

Dues & Renewals

Setup Wizard

A wizard to step an Admin through setting up information about the club's available memberships and to set up the payment portal (will require a Stripe account). Set your currency, membership period (annual, monthly, etc), renewal period, and any grace period. Set the dues price, plus any fees (late fees, online payment convenience fees) that might apply to each membership type.

Renewal Communications

Members who have opted in for electronic communications can be sent emails when renewal period begins, at the end of renewal period and grace period (if applicable), and reminders can be sent out at any time. Additionally, all members who log into the website will see their renewal status and be prompted to renew.

Online Dues Payments

Members will be able to pay their renewal dues online, through the website. This requires the club to have a Stripe account. Once a member pays online, their member records are updated to show they have renewed.

Website Content Management

Events Registration

Setup one-time or recurring events. This could be used for many purposes, including educational seminars, online webinars, gallery shows, and even classes. Allow members or the public to register and pay for events.

Document Library

Upload, organize, and update documents. The Document Library will allow for the use of permalinks, so that documents can be updated, while maintaining the same direct URL so links don't get broken. Searching of documents will be available. Permissions will be available so that when needed documents are available only to specific roles.

Media Library

Improvements to the Media Library, including folder organization and using existing images.

Site Search

Allow users to search the site for specific content, including pages, news, events, and documents.

Custom Forms & Data

Admins can create custom forms and surveys for the public or for members. Reporting of the collected data will be available.

Design & Layout

More Content Templates

Clubistry will continue adding additional content template types, allowing you even more options for how your site looks.

Global Layout Options

Clubistry will be adding design options for global site elements, including the header, footer, and navigation. As always, the design options you choose will show up on your site using the colors you've already chosen for your site.

Font Options

Clubistry is working to bring you the ability to choose from among curated font set options for your site. These will be fonts that work well for websites, and which pair well together. You won't have to worry about someone using an unlicensed font on your site, or something that doesn't work well for screen use.


Best Practices

Clubistry is working on providing articles and conversations about website best practices, with information on usability and accessibility.


Sometimes a video walk-through is easier than trying to read a typed description of how to do something. Video tutorials of some of the more complex tasks in Clubistry can help you master things quickly.

Club Admins Discussion/Help

A way to ask questions of other admins working with Clubistry. Share ideas and see how other clubs are using Clubistry to manage their clubs.
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