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Manage your whole club in the cloud.
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Easy to Manage
Club Website

Run your website with Clubistry, no techie skills needed. Customizable and modern styling, flexible content management, and great SEO are all built into every page. Your site is mobile-friendly and accessible under WCAG guidelines.

Up to Date
Member Database

Import your membership roster into Clubistry and you’ll never go back to Excel. Manage renewals, new applications, membership changes and even special position assignments in a breeze! Keep track of every change to the roster automatically.

Membership Portal

Empower your members to login and manage their own profile, contact information, and other important details—so your list is always up to date. Increase engagement with members by letting everyone control their own access!

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Whatever you’re into, Clubistry can help you manage it.

Not all clubs are the same. Clubistry is the solution to the issues and challenges faced by your organization:

  • staying in touch with members
  • managing membership dues
  • member retention
  • new member marketing
  • online shopping and ecommerce for dues, merchandise sales, ticket sales, etc.*
  • event scheduling and registration*
  • website updates

The flexible Clubistry system gives you the freedom to show off your club any way you want.

*coming soon

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Your club website, powered by Clubistry
  • Dog & Pet Clubs
  • Craft Guilds
  • Professional Organizations
  • And More

Run your club roster with Clubistry—everyone stays on the same page.

With Clubistry, your club’s administration has never been easier. Maintain the most accurate and up-to-date roster of your members on line in one place! No more hassling with spreadsheets spread across multiple people’s computers. No more lost data when new membership managers come online.

  • organize your membership by roles and sub-groups
  • communicate quickly with members
  • connect your board or admin users with special access
  • share management duties with multiple users
  • manage membership renewal and applications

And that’s not all! Clubistry puts profile management in the hands of every club member—meaning they’re in charge of keeping their own contact information current.

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Keep your club on track with Clubistry. Spend your time doing what you love.

Clubistry removes your technical roadblocks, giving you a safe, secure, and efficient way to find new members and to keep them engaged. Using Clubistry for membership and website management, you can:

  • cut operation costs
  • reduce labor
  • improve efficiency
  • grow the impact of your brand