Club Spotlight: Scent Work Club of San Diego Embraces Easy Club Management with Clubistry


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We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on the Scent Work Club of San Diego, one of the first clubs to join the Clubistry community. As a pioneer in Scent Work Training and Events, the Scent Work Club of San Diego is dedicated to fostering a vibrant community of dog enthusiasts and providing classes, workshops, seminars, matches, trials, and other activities for both canine companions and their human handlers.

The Scent Work Club of San Diego first signed up for a free plan at Clubistry, created a couple pages, uploaded their logo and some images. It took them no longer than an afternoon to put together the first version of their website. The theme and color combination they chose works great with their logo, the images are high quality and they also go well with the rest of the content they’ve put together in the homepage and other pages of their Clubistry site. After some time they decided the tools provided by Clubistry were appropriate for their needs and signed up for a paid plan!

We had the opportunity to virtually meet with a member of the Board of Directors to gather vital feedback directly from one of our first customers and it was a great experience. They told us our decision to sponsor a Podcast with Laura Reeves: Pure Dog Talk was a situation where we found ourselves at the right place and the right time and made emphasis on how easy Clubistry feels for them and what they are trying to achieve with their club. They also took the opportunity to request a couple of features they need and we added those to our list of Future Enhancements.

What Clubistry features are being used?

We at Clubistry are really impressed with how quickly they set up their website and used some of the cool features Clubistry provides to shine light to specific pages: for example using Promo Blocks that are placed in sidebars along the website to drive visitors to their Sign Up page so they can onboard more members.

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Depending on the organization of your club, you might have a Board of Directors, like Scent Work Club of San Diego. Clubistry makes it easy to create a transparent Board of Directors page where members can always see who are members of the Board and if the club allows it, also show as much (or as little) contact information as they want for each position. Any member of the club can be assigned any Board position in the Clubistry dashboard and when you add the Board of Directors block to any page, it will display the information without you having to write any code. Take a look at the Scent Work Club of San Diego Board Page.

Their homepage showcases another great feature of Clubistry: Hero Images and Videos. When you are creating a page in Clubistry you can add “blocks” to it. Two of the blocks used in their homepage are Hero Image and Hero Video, these offer very wide real estate on the page to display a big image to separate two content blocks with text or to highlight a good quality video that you host on Youtube. By the way, if you want to see Scent Work in action, check out that Hero Video in the Scent Work Club of San Diego Homepage – that’s pretty cool!

Once the club felt comfortable with the first version of their website, they decided to use a Custom Domain (instead of the Clubistry subdomain everyone gets for free). This process was also really smooth, they logged in to their Club Owner Dashboard, submitted the domain they wanted to use and over the next few hours Clubistry generated an SSL certificate for their domain to secure the connection. Now anyone can visit the club’s website by going to

How is Clubistry helping the Scent Work Club of San Diego?

With the recent adoption of Clubistry, the Scent Work Club of San Diego is poised to elevate its operations to new heights, embracing a seamless and efficient approach to club management. Gone are the days of cumbersome administrative tasks and manual processes. With Clubistry's comprehensive membership management software, the Scent Work Club of San Diego can now effortlessly handle key aspects of club management, from membership registration to event coordination and beyond.

One of the standout features of Clubistry is its automated membership processes and secure online payment capabilities. By streamlining membership management, the Scent Work Club of San Diego can focus more of its time and resources on what truly matters: providing support and experiences for its members and their four-legged companions. Additionally, the intuitive website builder offered by Clubistry empowers the club to create a visually stunning online presence without the need for coding expertise, further enhancing its outreach and engagement efforts.

But Clubistry is more than just a membership management tool – it's a catalyst for community building. With dynamic content management tools at their disposal, the Scent Work Club of San Diego can connect with members in meaningful ways, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared passion for scent work. Through engaging content and timely updates, the club can keep members informed and inspired, strengthening bonds and enhancing the overall club experience. Some ideas to foster engagement with the community are creating pages for some of their events, posting results of scent works competitions or even doing spotlights like this article highlighting their stellar members and their achievements. 

Please join us in congratulating the Scent Work Club of San Diego on this exciting milestone! As they embark on this new chapter with Clubistry, we look forward to witnessing their continued success and impact in the world of scent work training. To learn more about the Scent Work Club of San Diego and their upcoming events, visit their website at

If you're interested in experiencing truly simple club management like the Scent Work Club of San Diego, consider joining the growing community of clubs choosing the easy way with Clubistry. Experience seamless management and enhanced member experiences today!

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