Protect your Club’s Data and Website


Clubistry - Hold onto your club's most important information.

As a club administrator have any of the following happened to you?

  • A critical member volunteer leaves the club resulting in a loss of knowledge.
  • A board member with control of important documents and data passes away.
  • The person hired to build and maintain the club’s website stops responding.
  • The club’s web hosting is terminated due to an expired credit card that no one on the board was aware of.

If not, consider yourself very lucky. These are actual situations clubs we’ve spoken to have found themselves in. Clubistry aims to eliminate these painful situations where we can, and help clubs navigate them more smoothly where we can’t.

With the ability to grant and revoke access to content, user information, and documents, Clubistry allows you to quickly and easily navigate situations where responsibility for information must be shifted from one member to another.

With a simple and easy to use website builder Clubistry removes the need to rely on volunteers with specific technical knowledge to build and maintain your club’s website.

Clubistry provides best-practice guidelines, such as always having 2-3 members with admin access, that will keep your club prepared for those out-of-the-blue disruptions.

And should your club find itself in a situation where it the has lost access to Clubistry we have a process in place for making sure your access is restored.

Check out Clubistry today to see what it can do for your club! We are currently accepting clubs into our closed beta program. Participating clubs get FREE access during the beta period, and your feedback will help make Clubistry the most effective club management solution available…plus you’ll receive significant discounts on subscription fees at launch time!


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