Make Joining Easy with Online Applications


Clubistry - Online applications for your club.

Let’s be honest, clubs can have complicated processes for admitting new members and no two club do it the same. This makes it challenging to allow prospective members to apply for membership to your club online. It makes it doubly hard to find an online system that can encompass the whole process.

At Clubistry the only thing we like more than a good challenge is convenience, so we’ve designed a flexible online application system that will streamline your club’s application process.

You can set up the types of memberships your club offers, each with its own application that you build, setting up all of the questions you need to have on the application.

When applications are received you get to keep your club's normal approval process, whether that's requiring a certain number of sponsors, attending a certain number of meetings...whatever you normally do.

You can determine who in the club reviews applications — a Membership Committee, the Board of Directors, some or all of the membership — and an assigned administrator processes them. Along the way notes can be added for consideration during the review process.

Once approved, the applicant is automatically moved into the membership roster with the click of a button. It takes much less time, and there are no worries about transcribing information between application and roster incorrectly.

Online applications make it easier for people to apply for membership, which will often increase the number of applications your club receives. And you can still make a downloadable PDF application available for people who prefer the old fashioned way. When you receive PDF or paper application, you'll be able to enter them into the same online system for review and approval.

Check out Clubistry today to see what it can do for your club! We are currently accepting clubs into our closed beta program. Participating clubs get FREE access during the beta period, and your feedback will help make Clubistry the most effective club management solution available…plus you’ll receive significant discounts on subscription fees at launch time!

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