Categories are used with FAQs, News and Events, and allow you to display content from only specified categories when desired. 


To manage Categories, navigate to Content -> Categories. Click to edit an existing Category, or click the Create Category button. 


  • Name: The name doesn't appear on the front end website. Give each category a name that is useful to your site's content managers, and which make sense for your club. Examples might be Club, Events, or Education.
  • Slug: The slug will be automatically generated based on the Name you've used, but you can click to customize if desired.
  • Active: This is checked by default. Uncheck if you want to disable a category. 


When setting up Content Sections for News Teasers, Events Teasers, or FAQs, there is a field for setting one or more categories. If you assign a single category for that section, it will show only content in that category. If you assign multiple categories, it will show content from all of them.