How do you add Forms to a Page in Clubistry?

  • Access the "Form" menu item within the "Site Builder" menu group.
  • Create a new form by clicking the "Create Form" button.

Create Clubistry Form

  • Fill out necessary fields in the form:
    • Name: Enter a descriptive name for the form.
    • Active: Specify whether or not the form will show in any pages.
    • Submit Button Text: What's the text inside the submit button. By default it's Submit
    • Notification Email Address (optional): Email address where new submission of this form will be sent.
    • Redirect to URL (optional): If you want to redirect users to another URL after they submit your form, paste it here.
    • Text shown after submit (optional): Text shown as a message to infom the user that the form was submitted correctly.

Creating a Clubistry Form

  • Add as many fields or questions as you want to the form. Available fields are:
    • Text, Single Line
    • Text, Multiple Lines
    • Dropdown with single choice
    • Checkboxes with multiple choices
    • Checkbox, Yes or No
    • Date
    • Number
    • Custom Text (if you want to add custom text in-between question of your form)

Adding fields to Form


  • After the Form has been created you can add it to any Page by adding a new Section to the Page called Form Section. In that section you have to chose from a dropdown of available Forms which one you want to add to the page.

Adding a Form to a Clubistry Page

Benefits of using Forms with Clubistry

  • You have advanced spam detection algorithms that detect submissions that look suspicious and flags them as spam
  • You are notified of new submissions via email
  • You can redirect the users to a different page when they submit the form
  • You can customize the text inside the submit button and text shown after the form is submitted
  • You can view and filter all your Form Submissions from the Clubistry interface
  • It's free!

Example of a Contact Form and how all different field types are presented to users

Clubistry Contact Form