Document Categories

Organizing Documents with Categories

  • Access the "Document Categories" menu item within the "Site Builder" menu group.
  • Create new categories by clicking the "Create Document Category" button.
  • Fill out the following fields in the Create/Edit Document Category form:
    • Name (required): Enter a descriptive name for the category.
    • Order (required): Specify the order in which you want the category to appear (0 by default).
    • Parent: Optionally, select a parent category to create a hierarchical structure.

Assigning Documents to Categories

  • Access a document's detail page and click the "Attach Document Category" button to link a category to an existing document.

Benefits of Using Document Categories

  • Improved organization and navigation of documents within the library.
  • Simplified search and retrieval of specific documents.
  • Enhanced ability to create custom views and filters based on categories.
  • Potential for better content management and maintenance.