Page Content Sections - Simple Text Section


The Simple Text Section is the default section type when you create a new page. 


  • Template: Select which template option you want for this section. 
    • Simple Text Content Section: Just the content you've entered in the content field, displayed on the page. No background color or special placement. 
    • Simple Text Content Section - Background Primary Color: The content is displayed with your primary color as the background color. 
    • Simple Text Content Section - Background Secondary Color: The content is displayed with your secondary color as the background color. 
  • Headline: Headline for this section. Headline contents are very important for search engines.
  • Headline Level: Set what level the above headline should use. Remember that correct heading level usage is important, and there should only be one H1 per page, used as the main page headline. Typically, the first content on the page should start with an H1. Other sections should usually start with an H2.
  • Content: This is the content that will display in the section.


For most simple pages, this may be the only section you need to include on the page. This is the section type to use for general content.