Page Content Sections - Hero Image Section


Select Hero Image Section from the Add new section dropdown.


  • Hero Image: Upload an image and use the cropping tool to select the portion of the image which will be used.
  • Content: Alt Text is required for accessibility purposes, and may help with search optimization. Alt Text should describe the image.


Hero images are used for visual interest on a page. Often used as the first section on a home page, but they can be used anywhere, and often add excellent visual interest between or after other content types. Try it as a 2nd element on a landing page, after an intro. Or as the last element on the page before the footer. Try using 2 or 3 on a page, in between content sections.

On a landing page, this image will display full width of the viewport. On default pages, with a sidebar, this image will display full width of the content column. Because of the size of the images on desktop, it's important to use the best, most high-resolution photography you can with these sections.